The First Decentralized Password Manager

Dassword is a Password manager build on IPFS Technology, Nodejs, and Ionic


What makes Dassword different

Your decenralized secure vault, With Dassword your data is


as Your master password never stored or transmitted, and your data is hidden and encrypted in the IPFS.


Stored on the IPFS and Filecoin Network to ensure it's availability.

Provable Ownership

Where you own your data the same way you own your FIL or bitcoin in your wallet, (wallet integration is coming soon).


Does not require you to trust the password manager company to know your data is safe and available, as your data is always encrypted

Why Us

Because centralized storage is bad for your sensitive data?

When you use a password manager or any other vault app, you store your data on a specific location (local or private cloud) this have some critical problems. your important data is centralized, meaning that whoever controls the location controls the content. The controller can change the content, completely replace it, or just take it away. That makes your data vulnerable to attacks, exploitation, and loss.

Remote or Cloud: Denied access to data or data deletion because of billing issues or even policy changes or what ever the service provider says, You're completely reliant on who is holding your data

Local: Vulnerable to hacks, MITM attacks or just accidental data lose


Try Dassword for free now Freedom from the centralized internet

Build With

Automatically replicate your data across a network of storage providers. and verify the integrity of your data, enabled by Filecoin's cryptographic proof system.


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